VP Bios

Richard S. Jones

President VetTech, LLC

  • Ph.D. (Candidate-ABD), Research and Development Management, UAH
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Guided Missile System Engineering 13 years
  • System Concept Development 5 years
  • Software Development and Engineering 7 years
  • System Test and Analysis 4 years
  • Senior R&D Management (Concurrent) 12 years
  • Acquisition Management 5 years

34 years Military Systems Research, Development, Engineering and Operations

3/2002 – Present
President, Defense Acquisition, Inc., Huntsville, AL

Managed five separate SETAC tasks supporting directed energy and missile defense programs. Provides technical support and task management to the GMD Joint Project Office, Technical Director’s Office for strategic planning, technical analysis and requirements integration; Site Activation Command for deployment planning; and, to the Production Operations Directorate for acquisition strategy development, program integration, and program management of the GMD Capability Enhancements. Lead the development of a strategy for assessment and integration of Follow-on Systems, and the GMD Program Strategic Plan for implementation. Integration lead for the identification of the Capability Enhancement alternatives and development of an integrated program plan and Engineering Change Proposal packages for implementation.

8/1999 – 3/2002
Consultant (Senior Principal), SY Technology, Huntsville, AL

Provides technical support and task management to the NMD Joint Project Office, System Deployment Deputate for deployment planning, acquisition strategy development, and program management. Developed D&S Scope of Work for the NMD Prime Contractor and related draft contract documents. Developed and evaluated XBR performance against actual test trajectories for potential test radar site locations. Evaluated TTEC proposals and made recommendations on content, resource allocation and negotiation strategies for the Product Manager. Developed a strategy for assessment and integration of NMD Follow-on Systems, and a draft Program Plan for implementation.

5/1995 – 8/1999
Vice President / General Manager, Camber International L.L.C.

Manager, Information Systems Division, Camber Corporation, Huntsville, AL
Responsible for the information technology business development in the areas of State Government, Federal Government, Y2K Remediation, and Geographical Information based systems and missile defense technical support. Achieved awards of a large international IT contract for Malaysia Telekom management system, an international computer based training system, five state contracts, and major subcontracts under SMDC CIMS and SMDC SETAC. Business management responsibilities include: business development planning and execution; staffing, training and personnel development; cost analysis, budgeting and control; facility management; and, oversight of multiple project execution. Developed targeted business ventures and partnerships, win strategies and proposals.

4/1986 - 4/1995
Vice President, Systems Engineering and Analysis Division

Responsible management of a major technical division including business management, profit and loss, business development, employee development training, and technical execution.  Program Manager for Combat ID development during Desert Storm.  Developed and tested prototype Combat ID system for emergency deployment to the Middle East.  Program Manager and Lead System Engineer for an independent BAT Pre-Planned Product Improvement (P3I) analysis for the BAT PM. Developed the acquisition strategies and risk assessment/management process for the development and deployment of a National Missile Defense System for BMDO.  Developed the System Engineering Plan and the P3I Plan for the Avenger Weapon System including advanced system concepts, time phased requirements, and baseline development and acquisition strategies and plans.  Managed a BDM subsidiary company for engineering services.

5/1979 - 4/1986
Lead Engineer/Program Manager

Acting Project Manager for Lightweight Air Defense System PM (provisional). Lead Designer and Program Manager for SETTER Air Defense Systems prototype. Lead Engineer for sensor fusion for forward deployed light air defense systems.  Integrated passive RF, acoustic and IR acquisition sensors on an Air Defense Test Bed to evaluate automated acquisition and cueing.  Program Manager and Lead Engineer for Air-to-Air STINGER. Chief of Armaments Group for the Army Helicopter Improvement Program (OH-58D Kiowa Warrior). Conducted evaluation and analysis of competitive proposals for integration and functionality.

5/1976 - 4/1979
Research and Development Coordinator

Planned, coordinated, integrated and executed all MICOM technology programs supporting  GSRS (now MLRS) including propulsion, mal-launch reduction, delayed opening fins, and manufacturing technology under the FFRT program. Lead Engineer for Dual Mode Seeker Development.  Developed specifications, conducted effectiveness modeling, and conducted field tests for prototype missile seekers.

6/1968 - 3/1976
Air Defense Artillery Officer, U.S. Army

Multiple assignments for operations and training with a deployed missile unit in Germany, Batery Commander and Battalion Operations Officer of an Air Defense missile battalion, company  commander in Vietnam and CONUS training assignments.

  • Honor Graduate, Guided Missile Systems Course (1181), US Army Air Defense Artillery School, Ft. Bliss, Tx.,1973
  • Columbia College, Adjunct Faculty: Department Head and Instructor for Computer Science 1981-1986


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